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6th Nov, 2023

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Easy learnings to start your second income

How to smartly do Options Buying Or Selling? And not making a loss?

How To Execute Strategy Step-By-Step To Make a Profit In Any Direction.

How To Identify Profitable Entry-Exit Points In Just 15 Mins.

How To Deal With The Difference In Spot Price And Options Greek

Master the Adjustment Strategy To Avoid Losses & Protect Your Capital

Learn To Make Consistent Passive Income Every Month

This program is hosted by R.K. Gupta, a Stock Market Expert, and DR. C.K. Narayan, Founder of NEO Trader.

Who Should Join The Masterclass?

Job Professionals


Business Man








Anyone interested in learning the strategies that stand tall against the market storm and make a profit every month.

Anyone with the current profession who wants to add an additional income source.

Anyone who wants to learn more about winning stock market strategies and how to make money month-on-month.

Are You Struggling To Book Profits Consistently Despite Using Different Strategies?

You started in the stock market but no one is teaching you the correct way to make money every month.

That means you’re making a loss of 30-40% additional income which you could take home if you aren’t using my proven strategies.

Now what if you make profits every month with my strategies and still make monthly income no matter where the market goes?

If The Market Goes Up, You Make PROFIT

If The Market Goes Down, You Make PROFIT

If The Market Goes Sideways, You Make PROFIT

4-5% additional Stock market MONTHLY income > 0.58% your MONTHLY bank interest

10,534+ already booked their profit and are still booking every single month.

Get Returns From R.K Gupta’s Options Strategy Winning Over Inflation As Well.

Are You Facing These Problems?

I am doing a job, I get very little free time, how do I trade to make extra income?

I am a beginner, I don’t know if I can make a profit in options trading.

I have lost all my capital and I am in huge debt, I don’t know what to do.

I want to give my kids better education and family a better life.

If You Are Facing Any Of These Problems, This Program Is Exactly For You.

To Help You Make Consistent Returns Every Month.

In this webinar, you will discover how to make extra income, create wealth for you, and secure your family's future.


Mr. R. K. Gupta

R.K. Gupta, a Professional Trader and Stock Market Expert.

R.K. Gupta has trained 50,000+ individuals with over 5,000 active students. Despite a humble background, he persevered through financial challenges, eventually finding success in the stock market. His mission is to empower 1,000,000 more people to thrive in stock trading, driven by a wealth of knowledge and a dedication to teaching.

DR. C.K. Narayan

Founder of NEO Trader

Dr. C K Narayan’s achievements over his 37 year career in financial markets, spanning across Retail stock broking, Institutional sales and marketing (both Domestic and FII) and Investment Management for Corporates, makes him an authority in the area of his expertise. He was acknowledged as one of the finest exponents of Technical Analysis of financial markets in India. He is widely known for his talk show, Talking Technicals, on ET Now. His in-depth knowledge and deep commitment to training have resulted in tens of thousands of trained professionals in the field of capital markets and derivatives. He is the author of “Futures- Options for the Investor”, a book on derivatives and he also writes extensively in magazines and websites on the subject.

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