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#1 Compound Strategy Masterclass On Option Selling

Learn Powerful Option Strategy To Make Consistent Return Just 15 Minutes A Day

Identify Exact Entry & Exit Points To Trade Options Profitable In Nifty Without Any Complex Indicators

Trained 50,000+
Professionals, Traders
& Investors

Author Of the Book ‘STOCK MARKET - A Life Changing Profession’

15+ Years of Experience
In Stock Market Trading
And Investing


"Teach proper strategies, discipline to enter and exit a trade, generate employment in India and make you financially stable"

A wildly profitable, location-independent business you actually love.

Are You Feeling Any Of These?

What You’ll Learn In This 2 Hours
Live Masterclass

Forecast Entry-Exit

How to identify exact Entry & Exit Points giving just 15 Mins a day

Trade Nifty Options

Powerful Options Strategy to trade Options in Nifty& make consistent High Returns

Live Strategy Demo

Live Backtesting & Implementation of Nifty Options Strategy

Swing Trading Strategy

How to make Passive Income through Swing Options Strategy

Options Buying & Selling

Advanced Options Strategies to make you a Professional Trader

Risk Management

Learn to Manage the Risk, Emotions involved in options Trading, and Gain the Confidence of a Pro Trader!

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After attending this program,
you will be able to

Master The Art Of Options Trading to Generate Passive Income & Create Wealth In Stock Market

This masterclass is perfect for

15 Years Experience

200+ Workshops

50000+ Professional Traders & Investors Trained

Meet Your Mentor

R.K. Gupta

Leading Stock Market Coach

With a decade of trading experience, R.K. understand the stock market with his very unique perspective. Like Many others R.K also started as a beginner, made huge losses and created huge debt, but unlike many he didn’t quit. In his long trading journey, he discovered extremely powerful trading strategies that not only made him one of the most profitable trader but also a coach and mentor to 10,000+ of students, traders.
Using his option trading strategies, his students have made their stock market trading careers, making huge returns from stock market every single month. Not just that using his strategies busy people like job professionals, business owners, are also able to create a second source of income giving just a few minutes a day.

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Options Trading Workshop

16th March [Thursday]
7:30 PM – 10:30 PM


Today Only Free

Seats Limited*

What you’ll


  • Learn what is Option Buying & Option Selling 
  • How to identify exact Entry & Exit Points giving just 15 Mins a day
  • Powerful Options Strategy to trade options In Nifty & make consistent High Returns 
  • Live Backtesting & Implementation of Nifty Options Strategy
  • How to make Passive Income through Swing Options Strategy
  • In-depth analysis with logic of our Options Selling Strategy
  • Risk Management: Options Buying, Selling, Adjustments to save your capital

3-Hours Live Masterclass

Live Q&A Session, Interact Personally With R.K Gupta Himself

Total Value: ₹33,000, Today Only: ₹197

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