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I am RK Gupta

Trader, Trainer, and Author of the book β€œStock Market- a Life Changing Profession

I have been a stock market expert for over 15 years, and trained over 50,000 people. I have taught over 3,000 people to achieve consistent 4-6% returns using my RK Strangle Strategy.

I have devised this strategy which is a simple approach for Option Buying/Selling, especially for traders who don’t want to rely on the market direction. It has very low risks due to low capital requirements and takes only about 15 minutes a day.

My Wife, Sakshi Gupta is also trading and mindset coach from the last 12 years

Together we help people acquire right Trading Skills & Mindset. We make it easy for them to understand the Stock Market and achieve Ultimate Financial Freedom.

Our goal is to help 10 million people learn about and make money from the stock market.

You can reach us through email and follow us on social media.


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